samedi 16 août 2014

DG ONTT proposes a new approach to Algiers "The Algerian market is a priority"

The meeting, held on Monday evening with the Algerian tour operators, revealed interesting avenues to set up work to better organize the flow of tourists. It's open heart that took place Monday night at El Aurassi, the debate began between Algerian tour operators and Wahida Jaiet, Executive Director of the National Office of Tunisian tourism. In his first trip abroad since his assumption of the presidency, the new head of the ONTT chose Algeria as a first stop to say all the attention given to the Algerian market it described as "highly strategic "and" priority ". The question is how, a fortiori, entries Algerians have declined significantly since the revolution in the land of Jasmine with a sensible return to normal in 2014 where Tunisians expect of 1 million entries. "The Algerian tourists represent 20% of total admissions," revealed Wahida Jaiet came probe the Algerian operators to better understand the future. The general trend that emerged from the discussion converges, moreover, to the desire to see the Tunisians change of attitude vis-à-vis the Algerian market and show "more respect" towards tour operators. "Often we are faced with hoteliers who do not meet their commitments, putting us cantilevered overhang with our customers, as we have firm contracts and that we make allotments in desired time. It is unacceptable to leave us at the last minute to tell us that it is complete, let us offer alternative dates, "was plaintun transferor over to another responsible for a travel agency, which in turn, raised the issue of pricing and the fact that the Algerian market is treated differently. "Sometimes the booking is done from a European country for an Algerian client, but upon arrival at hotel and stating his identity, she is denied access, for a surplus", he says -there explaining that "the texts do not allow in any way to buy a product in line", questioning, in the process, this discrimination. Other concerns were raised at the meeting and in particular those related to benefits, according to the Algerian tour operators, "deteriorated significantly even at institutions of higher standards." In addition to this apprehension in terms of security and the lack of real communication campaign and marketing towards the Algerian market. "Previously, Tunisians saw us as an opportunity, now they see us as a market," said an Algerian tour operator we focus on the problem of segmentation, which in his opinion, will eventually divert the Algerian tourist destination Tunisia when the Tunisian tourism officials do not review their copy. Product diversification, improved quality of service and consultation between operators It is clear that the new head of the ONTT did not come to sell the Tunisia destination for this summer, but to establish a new basis for cooperation between operators and share Tunisia's new vision which gives the Algerian market in his own words, special attention. It is also for this reason that Wahida Jaiet listened Algerian operators with a very attentive ear, assuring the availability of its body to make every effort to improve the conditions for cooperation at all levels and forward it to of which exceeds the powers of the law while ONTT. "The rates charged by Tunisian operators are free; I can not help it, but I am committed, however, to ensure that benefits is the price to be paid by the Algerian tourist ", she was assured, also promised to raise the issue of lack of title availability of transport, particularly during peak periods. In terms of the tax currently under discussion, she said that "its implementation will not be possible for this summer" and that "there was a possibility that Algerian tourist is exempt without s' engage the above. "Primarily responsible for ONTT, which speaks of a new approach in terms of the Algerian market, invited tour operators to always refer to his body to express their grievances and other complaints. It will say on this subject: "For our part, we invested recarder the situation. Remains that the operators involved in this effort by tracing information in real time so that we can fix this, let alone that there is a core of dedicated claims to that effect. "Stress in question translated into concrete actions undertaken by the Tunisian authorities who practice both coaching and sanction. "No fewer than 4,000 inspections have been conducted since last January," she said, noting that "this has resulted in the imposition of 16 warnings, 6 warnings, 4 hotel units decommissioned, closures between 8 and hotels restaurants and 19 branches closed "trips. Wahida Jaiet expressed, moreover, a new advertising campaign that will be dedicated specifically to the Algerian market, and the willingness to explore new avenues of cooperation with, among others, product diversification, improved quality of service and consultation between operators to retain the Algerian tourist.