samedi 16 août 2014

Algiers Tourisme

National Tourism Day was celebrated last Wednesday at the Hilton (Algiers) hotel in a very formal way, in the presence of Nuria Yamina Zerhouni, Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts. The slogan was "Quality: a winning bet, act together." She focused her speech exclusively on statistics of global tourism, while it was to celebrate the National Day! No figures have been given on the number of tourists in Algeria. Suffice to say that this speech is similar to those of his predecessors. Intervention in three stages: changes in the world, an explanation for the fact that it is the "economic phenomenon of the century" and vows and finally the speech, recommendations for reviving the sector. "Today, the success of tourist destinations is not measured by the quality of infrastructure and tourism programs, as it is related to the ability of host countries to understand and integrate tourism as a social construct and work to ensure a good atmosphere for the visitor to feel like a guest since he arrived until he left, "she has said. Algeria has a big job to do in this direction. In fact, tourism has become a real political program and not be reduced to hype. In other words, tourism should not be a matter of ministry but a whole government. Two examples illustrate this: France has set itself the next target to host 100 million foreign tourists, against 83 million in 2012 This announcement was made by Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development. He said a disgruntled tourist is a tourist who does not return. Turkey aims to attract 50 million tourists in 2023, with revenues of $ 50 billion. As for quality tourism map Algeria (PQTA), it must be said that it requires adherence to many players as possible to its success. A communication plan was developed after listening phase and diagnosis under the Diveco program (Economic Diversification in Algeria) funded by the European Union. But beyond the technical aspects, we must recognize that there is sometimes a very strong resistance to change within the sector. How can it be otherwise when some CEO public hotels, the GSP Gestour, are at the same position for ten years or twenty-five years and then is Internationally, CEO (see Sofitel, Mercure, Sheraton) are appointed for three to five years maximum in the same hotel?

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